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Base Package                                        £599

  • 5 minute film, delivered in 4K

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

  • Drone Coverage (Depending on venue and weather) 

  • 4K Digital Download of Final Film 

  • Vows and Speeches will be recorded and intertwined into the final video

  • Final Video will be edited and delivered in 6 weeks

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Rates: Rates

Wedding Film Length

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5 Minute Film                                                                               £0

Included in Base Package. 

7 Minute Film                                                                               £300

Receive 2 additional minutes added to your final Wedding Film. Thats 2 more minutes of special moments, memories and details. 

10 Minute Film (Most Popular)                                                    £750

5 additional minutes added to your final Wedding Film. The 10 Minute Film is what most people swing towards. This allows Hamish to pack everything he captured on your day into the film without cutting anything significant out.  

15-20 Minute Film                                                                        £1,400

Your Wedding turned into a beautiful cinematic short film. Nothing will be missed down to every last detail. Vows and speeches will not need to be cut down and you can relive and enjoy your day for that much longer. 

Events and Coverage 


1 extra hour of coverage. You can add multiple hours just state your preference via email.


Depending on the size of your wedding or if you want to miss nothing we can source a second and even a third camera operator to make sure absolutely everything is captured. Talk to Hamish about you day and timeline and he can give you a better insight. 


Coverage over your Pre-Wedding Dinner. Often times, there are, speeches, toasts, memories, and moments that happen before your wedding day that you want captured and that you want to remember forever. This ensure that these moments do not go un-captured. Coverage can be anywhere from 3-5 hours.   

Wedding Weekend                                                                     £1,600

Wedding Day coverage + 2 Additional Days of Coverage for Pre-Wedding Dinners, Parties, Activities or anything you have planned. All this additional footage can be made into a shorter separate film to your choosing or intertwined into the final film which will then be extended. 

Extra Hour

Additional Videographer

Rehearsal Dinner 




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